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Current Areas of Study

Triple Negative Breast Cancer


The lab's focus is on the chemoresistance metastasis and molecular mechanism related to role of ETS transcription factor in TNBC. We deploy cell models of resistance, RNA sequencing, pathway analysis and various biochemical assays on cancer cells, mouse models and patient samples.

Prostate Cancer


The lab works on refractory Prostate cancer and role of metabolic reprograming in developing cancer resistance. We utilize various cell line models, mouse models, molecular biological techniques and genetic knock-out models using CRISPR-CAS9 to understand the aspect of metabolic reprograming in prostate cancer

Mitochondrial Dynamics


We are currently looking at other aspects of chemoresistance like mitochondrial dynamics , post translational modification during acquired chemoresistance, changes in the transcriptomic landscape of patients' pre and post chemotherapy treatment to have a more global picture of the disease.

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